If It doesn’t Kill Ya…

The past two weeks have been a test. Some of you know that my nineteen year old son, Robert, suffered a cardiac arrest. He was at his aunt and uncle’s house in northeastern Pennsylvania and rushed to the regional hospital in Wilkes-Barre. The medical crew there realized he was in need of more specialized care and he was airlifted to Penn Presbyterian in Philadelphia. The first four or five days he was fighting for his life. He has undergone a procedure to implant a defibrillator, it’s use determined by the fact that these medical experts (and they are among the best in the world) have no idea what caused his heart to stop beating.

Robert has a long road to complete recovery. We’re about to take him home to a hospital near us (probably Georgetown University Hospital) for in patient treatment and then, soon hopefully, home to Annandale.

I have not been writing with any real clarity, nothing I’d care to share openly except this thought. I believe that near death experiences create a wider, or at least different, perspective and awareness of life for the person experiencing them. The trivial fades and those essential elements, those foundational aspects of one’s life become crystal clear. I believe the same can be said for those closest to those individuals as well, like siblings, friends, and parents.

I’d like to think I’ll be posting not so much the ‘what’ of our immediate past and present, but more the feelings and visions we’ve had. More importantly, what we want to do with the gifts of life we’ve received and the love that has flowed to us from the thousands of people who have joined Team Cuyjet on Robert’s behalf.

We have gotten so much out of the last fortnight. I hope to return the energy through my actions and words back to the world and my ever growing family.

We are so much stronger now!


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